Transparency is the currency of trust

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At smallcase, we believe transparency is one of the most important characteristic of a financial instrument. Working in this direction, we have recently introduced lots of new features on the platform

1. Valuation and Sharpe Ratios

Now you can see and compare valuation ratios of a smallcase vs. benchmark — just click on the compare ratio button on the bottom right side of the historical performance chart. You can access this information for Quality – Smart Beta smallcase here.

Comparing smallcase vs. benchmark ratios

The best part is that all the valuation ratios for both smallcase and benchmark are calculated on a consolidated basis, not on standalone numbers.

2. Market Cap Distribution

This features enables you to see how much of your money would be going into largecap, midcap or smallcap section of the market, if you decide to invest in the smallcase. This can be seen post broker login just below the stocks and weights of the smallcase

Market-cap distribution of the smallcase

3. Segregating live & backtested performance

This was one of the most requested feature on the platform. Now you can see how the smallcase performed before the launch date in the backtesting period and after the launch date when it was live on the platform. To see this just click on the MAX button on the range selector for historical performance chart.

Live vs. Backtested smallcase performance

4. Downloading full historical Index Series/NAV values of the smallcase

Users can download the daily index series of the smallcase in an Excel file by clicking on the Download Chart button, just below the Past Performance chart, as shown in the above image. Index Series for a portfolio of stocks works exactly like the stock price for individual stock. You can use the historical data to calculate the returns in any time period or run your own analysis.

5. Improved Risk Labels

Understanding risk of a financial instrument is as important as analyzing returns. To ensure that users understand the associated risk, we have started using the new color scheme and are highlighting the risk labels right at the top of the smallcase page.

smallcase Risk Labels

Currently we are showing the risk labels by comparing the historical volatility of the strategy with Nifty, but we would soon be introducing some absolute risk measures also.

6. Factsheets

Judging from the feedback received till now from the users, this is one of most useful feature. Now you can download all the essential information about a smallcase in pdf format, by clicking on the Factsheet link on the smallcase page. A smallcase factsheet has all the necessary information about the smallcase like — Returns, Risk, Subscription Type, Important dates, SEBI registration details of the creator etc. All smallcase factsheets get updated on a daily basis. You can checkout the factsheet of Low Risk — Smart Beta smallcase here.

smallcase Factsheet

We hope these changes have made smallcases even more transparent than before. Please do share your suggestions on how we can further improve the transparency on smallcases platform.

Anugrah Shrivastava @

Founder & Head - Investment Products at smallcase. Loves Fridays.

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