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Picking Multibagger stocks- That’s How!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Green Portfolio has been one of the best performing Portfolio Management (PMS) Company in India over the last 2 years. We would want to share some key takeaways from our investment philosophy and some recent investment success stories with a rationale on why we invested in those companies.

Indian Pharma: The beginning of a long term bull run

Reading Time: 8 minutes The outperformance of the Pharma sector during the current Covid-19 crisis is just the beginning of a long term bull run for the sector driven by reasonable valuation and multiple business tailwinds


Rebranding of stereotypes: Is it fair?

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to Indian Fairness Cream & Bleach Market View, the fairness industry is projected to grow in leaps & bounds with a crazy obsession in Indian women for fair-toned skin, reinforced by racial stereotypes.

Microcaps That Rallied

Reading Time: 4 minutes The simplest way to get a read on investor’s expectations of a business is to look at its Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio).