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AlgoSmith is a product by William O’Neil India Private Ltd, a part of the William O’Neil group. A SEBI registered investment advisor, AlgoSmith, creates model-based Smart Investments and trading Ideas for retail investors. A first in India, AlgoSmith will employ multi factor models with a combination of quantitative and fundamental elements to select stocks and determine their weight efficiently in your investment.  AlgoSmith is a one-stop-shop where investors could view the algos created by the team, transact on them, and manage their portfolios. Integrating smallcase gateway allowed AlgoSmith to offer seamless discovery, tracking, and one-click execution to their clients.

William O’Neil India Private Ltd was established in 2010 and offers portfolio management, investment advisory, research tools, reports, investing courses, and more. William J. O’Neil is the father of CAN SLIM investment strategy, which was awarded as the top-performing investment strategy from 1998-2009 by the American Association of Individual Investors.

Their existing products include MarketSmith India and SwingTrader India. William O’Neil India wanted to launch a platform in India where investors could access high-quality AI-powered research and act on it. This was when they planned on launching AlgoSmith to build a seamless journey on their platform where the investor would discover algos and check out all the relevant information to decide which investment strategy best fits their requirements. Each of the Algo in AlgoSmith uses different tried and tested strategies. William O’Neil India’s Data Scientists, Equity Analysts and Technology team have built and combined robots and algorithms which use intricate dynamics to provide accurate stock market advice.

While the AlgoSmith team is excellent at research and used smallcase Publisher to publish the algos, enabling actions on them natively is an entirely different ballgame.

But what happens once the research is published?

Discovery of a portfolio: An investor needs to discover the algo best suited for their investment needs. The investor also needs to access information like the underlying strategy, past performance, and rebalance schedule.

Transactions on a portfolio: In traditional methods, the investor would have to place individual orders for every stock while ensuring the weightage as recommended by the algo.

  • When a rebalance is pushed to the investor, the investor would have to execute ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ orders on the broker’s trading platform to reflect the rebalance suggestions.
  • Maintaining an active SIP on an algo is tedious.

Investment Tracking: Providing a personalized portfolio tracking experience would require investors to share order book data after every transaction. Accounting for dividends, stock splits, and the bonus is another challenge.

smallcase Gateway worked closely with the AlgoSmith team to solve the challenges mentioned above. Gateway provided APIs & SDK methods to:

Get algo details: Gateway exposed APIs to share portfolio details like investment rationale, performance since inception, comparison with Index, returns (over different durations) and daily change, minimum investment amount (based on livestock prices), and constituent stocks, which allowed investors to make investment decisions.

Create orders: Gateway can generate ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ orders and the number of stocks against each share, based on the constituent weightage defined by the AlgoSmith research team and the investment amount input by the investor.

Execute orders: Gateway allows investors to review stock orders and 1-click execution via 11 partner brokers like Zerodha, 5Paisa, Angel Broking, HDFC Securities, Upstox, etc., natively on the AlgoSmith platform. This covers ~85% of the active trading accounts in India.

Investment Tracking: Gateway aggregates and shares investment data at the portfolio level, including overall P&L and stock level returns. All corporate actions and adjustments on the portfolio are taken care of by smallcase. Additionally, investors can set SIP for any frequency and amount on the algos

AlgoSmith offers five different algos to the investors and maintains an AUM of 14Cr as of June ’21. Live across the web and mobile apps, AlgoSmith caters to more than 2000 investors, allowing them to participate in equity markets seamlessly and in a simplified manner.

About smallcase

smallcase gateway is a unified set of APIs and SDKs that facilitate any platform or application to offer exchange-traded transactions (stocks, ETFs, REITs, small cases) in a native and compliant manner with India’s leading brokerage firms, including Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, HDFC Securities, Axis Direct, 5Paisa, and more. It facilitates seamless in-app order placing capabilities, importing holdings, and account opening. Developers can integrate the smallcase gateway in weeks to make the experience fast, simple, and secure for their users. The smallcase gateway is used by India’s most prominent and fastest-growing platforms, including William O’Neil India, Kuvera, Moneycontrol, SBI Mutual Fund.

Learn more at

If you are developing an investment platform and want to enable transactions on exchange-traded securities, you can reach us at We would love to help you.

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