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smalltalk with Raghav Behani of Alphamultiple

Reading Time: 9 minutes Raghav Behani is a qualified CA, a SEBI licensed Research Analyst, and the founder of Alphamultiple. In an open chat, Raghav talks about his love for equities, winning The Hunt for India’s Smart Investor, and all things markets.

Consumption Stocks with Popular Brands

Brands – A Grand Way to Invest

Reading Time: 2 minutes Invest in the consumption theme by becoming a shareholder of companies that own popular brands like Royal Enfield and Tanishq with the Brand Value smallcase


High Dividends with Smart Beta

Reading Time: 2 minutes This smallcase applies the Smart Beta methodology to screen for & invest in high-dividend yield stocks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns

The Great Indian Consumption Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes Invest in the consumption theme with a portfolio of stocks that will benefit as India’s middle class grows bigger, becomes richer, and increases its consumption