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New Tax Rates for Realty Sector

2 days ago
Vasanth Kamath

Rates have been cut from 8% to 1% for affordable homes and from 12% to 5% for regular units.

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The Aristocrat of Stock Dividends

Many investors focus on dividends when deciding where to invest their money. The main reason for doing so is to…

4 days ago
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Private Banks Powering Ahead

Private sector banks have outperformed their public sector peers in multiple parameters like the growth of bank network, productivity measures…

1 week ago
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Markets Gain on the back of Strong FPI Flows

Nifty ended up 1.58% at 11,035.4 and Sensex closed at 36,671.4, up 1.68%.

2 weeks ago
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Making smalltalk with Anurag from Minance

Anurag Bhatia is the founder of Minance, a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor that is striving to make investing more accessible…

3 weeks ago
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5paisa’s Favourites for 2019

Every year brings with it new resolutions, fresh challenges, and many uncertainties. This is not only true for us as…

3 weeks ago
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Consumer Market in India Could Reach ₹335 trillion by 2028

Rising affluence, changing family structures, continuing urbanisation and emergence of millennials are all contributing to the growth.

3 weeks ago
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Digital Revenues Growing Rapidly at IT Companies

The IT sector has been able to reinvent itself across multiple tech cycles and seems to be on the path…

4 weeks ago
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Advertising Market in India Likely to Grow at 14% This Year

The growth in ad spends will be led mainly by categories such as digital and social media as smartphone penetration…

1 month ago